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Facts and numbers


Kalle en Bakker has two transshipment ports with 200 metres and 350 metres of transshipment quay. For the loading and unloading of ships, five cranes are available with a hoist capacity ranging from 6 tonnes to 64 tonnes. For the loading of ships, three loading belts are available for dry bulk materials and building materials. The total tonnage of the loading belts amounts to 1,600 tonnes per hour. Kalle en Bakker has its own workshop and maintenance service.

Location development

Ever since its foundation in 1958, Kalle en Bakker has developed dozens of locations, including four port locations, a watersports centre, recreational area and football area.

Kalle en Bakker has built six concrete plants, four workshops, five storage sheds, three fueling stations, four transshipment sheds and various houses and office buildings.


Kalle en Bakker has three inland ships available for transport of building materials. The ships were built with the smaller canals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in mind. 


At Kalle en Bakker employs 25 people, each with their own unique skills. The main aspects that characterise all Kalle en Bakker employees is professional expertise and knowledge, flexibility and helpfulness.

Kalle en Bakker

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