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Sand, Gravel and Shipping

Kalle en Bakker arose from its initial sand and gravel transport activities. The company's founders - Bram Kalle and Wim Bakker - were inland skippers and tradesmen in sand and gravel in the provinces of Brabant and Limburg in the fifties, where the raw materials were loaded in the Limburg Maas area. In 1958, this activity was expanded with a concrete plant in Roermond. The sand and gravel trade in combination with port transshipment on inland ships proved to be a good combination. Moreover, these activities are still performed by Kalle en Bakker to this day.

Sand, Gravel and Concrete

In 1963, a second concrete plant followed in Nederweert, delivering sand, gravel and concrete mortar in the Weert and Eindhoven region. With its two concrete plants, a workshop, an extensive vehicle and machine fleet and its transshipment company, Kalle en Bakker offers an excellent range of products and service. In recent years, we have also increasingly started focusing on sustainability. The future of the Kalle en Bakker concrete plant? The future of concrete plant Kalle en Bakker revolves around concrete pumps, sand, gravel and concrete mortar!

Kalle en Bakker

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