Handelsvaart Kalle en Bakker BV was founded following the inland shipping activities Kalle and Bakker initiated in the fifties. Handelsvaart Kalle en Bakker BV consists of 3 cradle barges suited for the smaller Brabant and Limburg canals in Belgium and the Netherlands: Borneo, KBS 1 and KBS 2.

The Borneo has 626 tonnes of load capacity, 628 m3 cradle volume and dimensions of 55.62 m in length and 7.02 m in width. The two KBS barges have 669 tonnes of load capacity and dimensions of 48 m length and 6.54 m width. The KBS barges are precursors to the Neokemp container ships and have the same appearance. In the hold of the KBS barges (with a width of 5.05 m), exactly two containers can fit next to each other.

Kalle en Bakker

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