Port handling

Port transshipment

Kalle en Bakker Overslag BV is a transshipment company that transships bulk goods and general cargo in its Roermond and Nederweert industry ports. Kalle en Bakker Overslag's main focus is offering logistics solutions. We seek to help customers with their business processes.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to provide fast and efficient unloading and loading of ships. Flexibility is our keyword.

Transshipment RTC Roermond and Nederweert

Kalle en Bakker exploits two Regional Transshipment Centres (RTCs) in Roermond and Nederweert. These RTCs focus on shippers and companies that send goods flows by road and water. Sustainability and efficiency are highly important to us. Thtough RTC Roermond and RTC Nederweert  Kalle en Bakker is able to respond to all your needs.

ROC Vereniging Nederland

The Kalle en Bakker RTCs are members of the ROC Vereniging Nederland, which was founded by Kalle en Bakker itself. The members of ROC Vereniging Nederland are logistics service providers in the Netherlands, which focus on storage and transshipment of bulk goods and general cargo.  The ROC Vereniging manages a national network of RTCs, in order to provide customers of port transshipment companies with storage and transshipment services throughout the Netherlands.

Contact information: +31 475 384142 and overslag@kallebakker.nl

Kalle en Bakker

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